Subscriptions and Training Credits

OK, so this is really simple!

There are only two concepts you need to think about:
your subscription and your credits.

Your Subscription

When you first sign up to TrainingToolz your subscription is 'inactive'. This means you are not being charged for anything.

We get it! We are online service users too, and we hate it when you have to start paying for something before you can have a play about and see if it fits your requirements.

That's why, with TrainingToolz you only start paying when you are ready to start using your training. You can create as many modules and assignments as you like and add the details of your training candidates all before you need to pay anything.

Once you are ready to start training you can Activate your Subscription. This will cost £25* a month and will allow you to invite your candidates to use your training assignments and give you access to their completion results.

What's more, we'll give you up to 100 training credits a month as part of your subscription.

Your active subscription will automatically renew after each month so you can keep training and viewing the results. The good news is that if you don't need to do any training for a while you can De-activate your subscription so it will not renew at the end of the current subscription period. We'll keep all your assignments and training stats safe so when you need to do some more training or view your stats you can simply Re-activate your Subscription.

Training Credits

Training credits are what you need to invite a candidate to take a training assignment, one invitation to one candidate costs one credit.

Subscription Credits

Subscription credits come as part of your Active Subscription. These allow you to send up to 100 training invites a month at no additional cost. At the start of each subscription period we will top your subscription credits back up to 100

Additional Credits

Additional credits can be purchased at any time if you need some extra capacity. Additional credits can be bought in bulk and the more you buy the cheaper they work out. The maximum being 10p per training invitation.

250 credits £25*
1000 credits £85*
2500 credits £200*

How credits are used

Every time you invite a candidate to take a training assignment, you will spend 1 credit. If you invite 50 candidates at the same time this will cost 50 credits.

We ALWAYS use Subscription Credits first so that you get maximum value from your Additional Credits.

Subscription credits will top back up to 100 at the beginning of each active subscription period.

Additional Credits never expire and so you can use them when ever you need.
If you de-activate your subscription for a while, we will look after your unused Additional Credits and they will be ready to use when you next activate your subscription.

You must have an active subscription in order to user your credits by inviting candidates to access a training assignment. There is no refund on unused credits.

* All prices in GBP and are subject to VAT